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Transformations of Landscapes: (…) – termin końcowy

15 października 2017

Thirty Years’ War

The Department of Archaeology Faculty of Arts, University of West Bohemia (UWB) in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam´s School of Heritage, Memory, and Material Culture (AHM) and the Museum of West Bohemia, invite you to Pilsen for Transformations of Landscapes: the impacts and aftermaths of the Thirty Years´ War.

This conference will investigate the transformations that took place in the landscapes and settlements of central and northern Europe during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648).  The war was accompanied by political, economic and social upheavals whose effects influenced the lives of ordinary people for generations. Recent research in Bohemia has established that the devastation of settlements was conditioned by a number of factors. The most noticeable correlation between destruction/desertion seems to relate to proximity to major communication routes, where armies passed by and scoured neighbouring areas for food and supplies leaving corridors of death and destruction, and encouraging famine and plagues.

Our approach to the Thirty Years’ War has integrated several strands of evidence and has been realized through a close co-operation between archaeologists, historians, cartographers, environmental specialists and other experts. We maintain that a deeper understanding of the impacts of the war can only be achieved by adopting such a broad and rigorous interdisciplinary approach, at a European level, and invite papers that explore evidence for disruptions to rural settlement and towns, changes to demography, changes to urban topography and architecture, and evidence for archaeological, iconographic, and early broadsheet representations of battlefields, sieges, military camps, and campaigns.

Conference languages:

Conference papers can be presented in English and German.


1) Achaeology
2) History of Arts
3) History
4) Others


Free accommodation for all attendees will be provided in the University Hotel (Bolevecká 32).

Other accommodation possibilities see official website for the tourist information about the city of Pilsen: http://www.pilsen.eu/tourist/stay-and-dine/accommodations/.

Conference fee:

30 EUR (including Faculty of Arts UWB reception on Friday evening and Pilsner Urquell Brewery excursion + beer tasting from original oak barrels in brewery cellars on Saturday evening)


15 października 2017
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Katedra Archeologie Západočeská Univerzita v Plzni
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Call for papers - termin końcowy
15 października 2017


Muzeum Czech Zachodnich w Pilźnie
Kopeckého sady 2
Plzeň, Czech Republic
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