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CCA 2019 Kraków

23 kwietnia 2019 - 27 kwietnia 2019


Jedna z naszych ulubionych konferencji – CAA – w 2019 roku odbędzie się w Polsce, a dokładniej w Krakowie! Termin końcowy przyjmowania zgłoszeń na CAA 2019 Kraków upływa 10 października 2018 roku. Zapraszamy do uczestnictwa, szczególnie w ramach sesji organizowanej przez naszych kolegów poruszającej zagadnienia związane z archeologią lasów.

The theme chosen for the 47th annual CAA conference is “Check Object Integrity”, after the IT command which is used for checking integrity violations. The recent CAA conferences have been heavily influenced by the atmosphere accentuated in Siena; “Keep the Revolution Going!”.

In keeping with this spirit, we would like to gather the members of the ever-growing CAA community, as well as invite new researchers from the broader field of Archaeological Science, to discuss the achievements of this ongoing revolution. Can we answer the question of whether our exploits will pass the test of time? Are we able to propose comprehensive and functional solutions for Archaeology? For the very first time, Poland will be hosting the conference and we are all very excited to have old and new CAA members join us in the picturesque city of Krakow.


S42: New technologies in woodland archaeology: problems and limitations

A vast part of Europe is covered with woods (esp. Central, Eastern and Northern Europe). Research within woodlands has often been neglected by archaeologists, mainly due to limited accessibility to these areas and the difficult conditions encountered during field investigations. Nevertheless, many forested areas offer unique opportunities to explore well-preserved remains of earlier human activities. Thesea are traces of which have not been erased or transformed by modern agriculture, industrialisation or urbanisation.

For some chronological horizons, there are regions that preserve complete accumulations of deserted cultural landscapes (economic, domestic and funerary) despite the succession of forestation processes. Unfortunately, the presence of dense vegetation has until recently meant that the application of standard archaeological techniques in forested environments, such as surface surveys and excavations, was problematic. However, the development of new technologies can significantly support archaeological investigations in wooded landscapes (e.g. the introduction of ALS data, GPS tools, GIS software, modern geophysics, photogrammetry etc).

Alas, these new approaches are not without their own problems. For example the frequent lack of GSM/GPS signal caused by the wood cover makes it difficult to properly locate and georeference surface surveys, excavations and other investigations. The woodlands also restrict the deployment of drones and the preparation of photogrammetric plans. Furthermore, the application of geophysics is much more difficult. Both from the point of view of conducting field work and the subsequent interpretation of survey data. Of course, these are just a few examples of problems related to woodland archaeology, the full list is much longer.

In this session, we will address topics ranging from non-invasive remote sensing to more invasive ways of archaeological investigations, performed with the use of high-tech methods of documentation and geodetic measurements. We would like to focus especially on specific problems and limitations related to utilisation of concrete modern technologies in woodlands as well as possible solutions. Interdisciplinary approaches are also welcome.

Standard session


  • Michał Jakubczak, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Pawel Konczewski, Uniwersytet przyrodniczy we Wrocławiu, Katedra Antropologii
  • Kamil Niedziółka, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw


The call for papers will be open between now and 10th of October, 2018.

You will find a list of the proposed sessions here, there are:

  • 46 thematic paper sessions,
  • special paper session for students and early-career researchers,
  • general Poster Session.

You can find out more following this link


23 kwietnia 2019
27 kwietnia 2019
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