ArchaeoBalt – Towards Innovative Green & Blue Tourism

For the majority of society when the word ‘archaeology’ is used, we think of exotic excavations and pyramids in Egypt, ancient Greece, Rome, or impressive buildings in Central America. In comparison to ancient monuments, the archaeological heritage in the Baltic Sea Region may see inconspicuous and small-scale. However, for millennia our region has witnessed the flow of people, ideas and goods and the formation and fall of cultures.

Uniwersytet Gdański
Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Gdańska
Bornholms Museum
University of Aarhus
Lund University


Czas trwania
25.07.2018 – 24.07.2021

European Regional Development Fund within the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020.

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We are the descendants of this past. The big question is – what is left of it? How can we read these small remains of the past, which I enchanted in the landscape or appear in ruins? For ArchaeoBalt we want to find out about our past cultural connections, which are currently hidden by the earth…… using excavation an entirely new and vivid picture of the Baltic Sea Region emerges. We can reveal an area vibrant with mutual networks and relations visible in culture, architecture, art and languageThe fascinating heritage of the Baltic remainsrelativelyuntapped and still conceals many mysteries, and its touristic potential is still under-appreciated especially through archaeology. The ArchaeoBalt project invites you to locate the heritage hidden of the Baltic region that lies beneath the soils of Denmark, Poland and Sweden.